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Re: Packages still depending on GTK+ 1.2

On 06/12/2008, at 00.09, Michael Banck wrote:

There are several useful science programs that still make use of GTK+
1.2, one is a very useful chemistry program, GAMGI, which is in the new
queue and on its way into unstable.

AFAICT, gamgi is using GTK-2.0.

Yes you are right, gamgi uses GTK-2.0 as of March this year. I was quoting from (volatile, apparently) memory.

However, I maintain my objection. One thing is removing out-of-date applications, another is to remove a library which may well be used by users to compile and link their local applications. Even though there are no apps in Debian linking to GTK+ 1.2 the library should really remain in the archives.


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