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Re: NEW processing

Le Wednesday 03 December 2008 13:34:06 Lucas Nussbaum, vous avez écrit :
> That's not true. We imposed that reviewing step to ourselves, and, if
> it's doing more harm (by slowing down development and annoying
> contributors) than good (by detecting mistakes and improving Debian's
> overall quality), we could simply decide to drop it. (or to drop it
> partially, for some categories of uploads).
> It's funny how in Debian, we always prefer to add more checks (which
> always let some things get thought while they shouldn't) rather than
> trusting developers to do the right thing. It's similar to what happened
> to the NM process.

Although it adds some lag, I strongly believe it detects a lot of mistakes and 
it still has its interest. The mistakes they detected from my packages really 
needed to be fixed. I thank the ftp-masters for detecting them. And wait for 
the delay.

Yes, sometimes their decisions are questionable, but the overall interest of 
the NEW queue shouldn't be an issue.

And I don't think I am really worse than the average packaging quality


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