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Re: screenshots.debian.net goes beta

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 04:46:10PM +0100, Christoph Haas wrote:
> Thanks. I love positive feedback. Developers often tend to point out
> errors way more than enjoying what's already there. :)

My pleasure :)

> >   Suggestion: just name a license and stick to it.

Given the comment from pabs (which gave me a good WTF moment), I
withdraw this request of mine.

> > Then an usability comment: the only link under each screenshot is
> > "request removal". IMO it is too "tempting", because it is the large
> > and because it is the only link. Suggestion: replace it with the
> > classical "X" icon with a tooltip, and make it "less important" by
> > adding some other link, e.g., the suggested link to
> > packages.debian.org.
> I'll think of something. :) Although clicking on it comes up with a
> text entry field to the request isn't immediately filed. Previously
> I had an "are you sure" popup instead.

Note that I haven't said that users will request removals by mistake,
I'm sure they will withdraw as soon as they see the popup (or whatever
else). Still, if the link is "too tempting", people will click on it,
just loosing time, while they can be directed to more useful
targets. Maybe I'm drifting too much on HCI here :)

> Thanks to the framework used (Pylons) I can fully control which URL does 
> what. I intend to provide a URL that can be used for packages.debian.org 
> to display the screenshots. Possibly like: 
> http://screenshots.d.n/package/foobar/firstscreenshot

OK, REST interface would be nice.

> I can even offer JSON, SOAP, XML, whatever if needed. Some URL that

IMO the BTS has taught us that SOAP is the good way to go, on top of
that we can have whatever programming language API we need.

Additionally, the PTS needs kind of "all at once" listing, a place
from which we can download at each PTS pulse a mapping
package/screenshot(s), to avoid hammering screenshots.d.n with
per-package requests.


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