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Re: screenshots.debian.net goes beta

Hi Christoph,

many thanks for this effort - I admit I started dreaming of such a thing
in the beginning of this year  - it does not happen that often that dreams
become true that fast. ;-)

On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Christoph Haas wrote:

Thanks to the framework used (Pylons) I can fully control which URL does
what. I intend to provide a URL that can be used for packages.debian.org
to display the screenshots. Possibly like:

I can even offer JSON, SOAP, XML, whatever if needed. Some URL that can be
used in an IMG/SRC tag should probably be sufficient for packages.d.o.

Yes, this is exactly what I would need.  A python API would be really great.
I would like somethin like

  def GetScreenshotsURLS( <list_of_packages> ):
	return <dict_with_list_of_packages_as_keys>

The entry of the dict should be 'None' / '' or something like that if there
is no screenshot available and if a screenshot is available a string which
enables to address icon and screenshot (of latest program version in case
several versions are available).

In addition to this I would love to get some information about languages the
screenshot is available - in case you would like to implement screenshots in different languages.

I'll soon document the URL schema so everybody can use it. Just let me
know what information you need and I'll try providing a proper API.

I would like to add screenshots to the entries on the Debian Pure Blends
tasks pages like


I would like to put a link to "Upload screnshot for package foo here" in
case there is no screenshot and an icon which links to the real image in
case there is one.  If we would have even an i18n screenshot I would link
to the apropriate language or alternatively to the English default (and
add a link "Upload screenshot for package foo in language bar").

Thanks again for your effort



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