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Re: RC bug for >10 packages

El sáb, 25-10-2008 a las 18:32 +0200, Adeodato Simó escribió:
> * Francis Tyers [Sat, 25 Oct 2008 18:25:47 +0200]:
> > Yep, this is the case, it includes pre-compiled regular expressions and
> > these appear to be incompatible between versions of pcre.
> Ok.
> > [...snip...]
> > > > then set a Depend in the language packages to that
> > > > particular version of apertium, then recompile and upload the packages.
> > > The option that sounds more realistic, at least for now, is having the
> > > language packages Depend: libpcre3 (<< next_upstream_version), or
> > > something along the lines.
> > We've come up with a better solution, which is to add dependencies to
> > the apertium package, and then make the apertium package depend on a
> > particular version of pcre3. It's safer this way, as I can't find out
> > anything about compatibility of precompiled regular expressions in pcre
> > between versions, so better to assume they aren't.
> Add what dependencies to the apertium package? Can you be specific?

Heh, actually there is an ambiguity there... I should have spotted it.
What I mean is:

Add the specific dependence in each language package to apertium and not
to libpcre3. The language packages already depend on apertium, but we'll
just make this specific with substvar, the patch by Miguel probably 
explains it better.



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