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Re: RC bug for >10 packages

* Francis Tyers [Thu, 23 Oct 2008 22:47:20 +0200]:

> Hi,

Hello, Francis.

> The bug is that the language packages require a specific version of
> libpcre to function.

Could you explain a bit the technical background for this? Do the data
files in the language packages embed any data that is pcre-related, and
that makes that later on apertium can't open them if it uses an
incompatible version of pcre?

I'm asking because knowing the details is going to be better in order
for people to be able

> It has worked up until now with various versions, but moving from 7.4
> to 7.6 breaks the packages with:

>   Error: Unknown error matching regexp (code -16)

With respect the above, it would be good to find out if pcre is making
any promises of keeping compatibility when opening files that contain
data generated by it (or whatever apertium is doing), and then this is a
bug, or it doesn't, and then the problem does indeed need addressing.

> The fix will be to set a Depend in the apertium package to a particular
> version of libpcre3,

Note that binary packages get their dependencies via the shlibs
mechanism, and not hard-coded...

> then set a Depend in the language packages to that
> particular version of apertium, then recompile and upload the packages.

The option that sounds more realistic, at least for now, is having the
language packages Depend: libpcre3 (<< next_upstream_version), or
something along the lines.


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