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Re: RC bug for >10 packages

* Francis Tyers [Sat, 25 Oct 2008 18:25:47 +0200]:

> Yep, this is the case, it includes pre-compiled regular expressions and
> these appear to be incompatible between versions of pcre.


> [...snip...]

> > > then set a Depend in the language packages to that
> > > particular version of apertium, then recompile and upload the packages.

> > The option that sounds more realistic, at least for now, is having the
> > language packages Depend: libpcre3 (<< next_upstream_version), or
> > something along the lines.

> We've come up with a better solution, which is to add dependencies to
> the apertium package, and then make the apertium package depend on a
> particular version of pcre3. It's safer this way, as I can't find out
> anything about compatibility of precompiled regular expressions in pcre
> between versions, so better to assume they aren't.

Add what dependencies to the apertium package? Can you be specific?

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