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Re: Intel Atom Processor

Kushal Koolwal wrote:
>> I got your point, you mean we(group of debian) should make a blueprint for some Device like Netbook / UMPC /> MIDs.
> Yes. Exactly!
>> what is your blueprint based debian like? 
> At this point of time I am not sure what is going to look like. May be it will help me if you can tell me what exactly do you mean by it. I apologize for my unfamiliarity with some of the terms.
>> maybe we can start a project named mobian (mobile debian) ?
> Yes this would be awesome. This will bring Debian up to the speed of likes of Ubuntu. I would be happy to assist in this with whatever knowledge and skills I have.
> Thanks for effort and initiative.

The EeePCs are sold throughout large resellers (Saturn, Staples, ...) in Germany and at least until the new ones get out they all ship with
Debian - perfectly visible to every potential customer passing by. I have not seen Debian or Linux on any product before in these shops. So, I
really think that for the perception of Debian (and Linux at large) it would be good if there was some initiative that gives Debian on these
machines some backup.

To have a connected user base itself would already be a plus. Some flyer to print out would be good that points to this community site so we can
put such next to these machines in the shop. And Asus would probably help to get this across to their customers, too. People would then learn
how to submit bug reports and get some indication of what software to install.   Even the software that is distributed with the EeePC and that
is on display in the store is not fully usable, for instance try to change the your coordinates in Celestia, the dialog of which is beyond the
screen size. Would an alioth project and pages on wiki.d.o be sufficient?



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