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Re: Intel Atom Processor

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Steffen Moeller wrote:
> Kushal Koolwal wrote:
>>> I got your point, you mean we(group of debian) should make a blueprint for some Device like Netbook / UMPC /> MIDs.
>> Yes. Exactly!
>>> what is your blueprint based debian like? 
>> At this point of time I am not sure what is going to look like. May be it will help me if you can tell me what exactly do you mean by it. I apologize for my unfamiliarity with some of the terms.
>>> maybe we can start a project named mobian (mobile debian) ?
>> Yes this would be awesome. This will bring Debian up to the speed of likes of Ubuntu. I would be happy to assist in this with whatever knowledge and skills I have.
>> Thanks for effort and initiative.
> The EeePCs are sold throughout large resellers (Saturn, Staples, ...) in Germany and at least until the new ones get out they all ship with
> Debian - perfectly visible to every potential customer passing by. I have not seen Debian or Linux on any product before in these shops. So, I
> really think that for the perception of Debian (and Linux at large) it would be good if there was some initiative that gives Debian on these
> machines some backup.
> To have a connected user base itself would already be a plus. Some flyer to print out would be good that points to this community site so we can
> put such next to these machines in the shop. And Asus would probably help to get this across to their customers, too. People would then learn
> how to submit bug reports and get some indication of what software to install.   Even the software that is distributed with the EeePC and that
> is on display in the store is not fully usable, for instance try to change the your coordinates in Celestia, the dialog of which is beyond the
> screen size. Would an alioth project and pages on wiki.d.o be sufficient?
> Best,
> Steffen
You mean like these ones:

I don't think that works as you said since this group exists since 2007...

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