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Re: FHS and /var/www

Joey Hess dijo [Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 11:59:05AM -0400]:
> Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> > Moving from /var/www to /srv/www gains nothing - We would still have
> > all webservers throwing files where they are not supposed to, to a
> > user-managed directory. 
> There's a large difference between Debian as a whole violating the FHS
> by using a nonstandard top-level directory in /var, and individual
> violating the FHS by writing files to /srv in a manner that the FHS
> doesn't allow. The current situation is a black eye in our claims to
> take the FHS seriously. /srv-abusing packages would be RC-buggy.

Still, I don't see a clear way out of this. We are violating FHS
either for putting files in /var/www or in /srv/www or in
/srv/default-site or whatever. 

What could be a course of action is that all webservers ship (as I
described I am doing earlier on) their default sites in
/usr/share/<package>/default-site, and instead of an "It works!" or
similar page, information on what steps should the user take to turn
it into something useful. 

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