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Re: FHS and /var/www

Ben Finney dijo [Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 10:39:43AM +1000]:
> > Should we force all httpd:s to use /srv/www instead of /var/www, or
> > should an exception to the policy be added?
> I think there's no hardship if we support the FHS location, so an
> exception shouldn't be made.
> What do you mean by "force all [HTTP servers] to use /srv/www instead
> of /var/www"? Why do you think that's desirable?
> Conformance with the FHS would seem to require only that such files
> must be addressible under the '/srv/www' location. I don't see support
> for the "instead of /var/www" part of your question.
> We could deal with this as we did for '/usr/share/doc' vs '/usr/doc';
> that is, make '/srv/www/foo' the canonical location but allow a long
> transition period where '/var/www/foo' is permitted as a symlink to
> '/srv/www/foo'.

Moving from /var/www to /srv/www gains nothing - We would still have
all webservers throwing files where they are not supposed to, to a
user-managed directory. 

What I'm doing currently for Cherokee is to have the server's default
site at /usr/share/cherokee/default-site. At post-install, if /var/www
is empty, I create symlinks to the default site.

Of course, the fact is I _am_ using /var/www and should probably
change it somewhere else... But (of course, modulo whatever I learn
from this thread and refered sites) it should not have much
impact. The important thing is for webservers not to clobber whatever
the user has placed in his directory of choice - and of course,
provide an easy way to change the default Web root.


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