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Re: FHS and /var/www

"Carl Fürstenberg" <azatoth@gmail.com> writes:

> Should we force all httpd:s to use /srv/www instead of /var/www, or
> should an exception to the policy be added?

I think there's no hardship if we support the FHS location, so an
exception shouldn't be made.

What do you mean by "force all [HTTP servers] to use /srv/www instead
of /var/www"? Why do you think that's desirable?

Conformance with the FHS would seem to require only that such files
must be addressible under the '/srv/www' location. I don't see support
for the "instead of /var/www" part of your question.

We could deal with this as we did for '/usr/share/doc' vs '/usr/doc';
that is, make '/srv/www/foo' the canonical location but allow a long
transition period where '/var/www/foo' is permitted as a symlink to

> Per http://wiki.debian.org/Apache2LennyGoals it states that apache2
> has support for /srv/www, but it's still defaulting to /var/www.

This could be dealt with as per above, along with the usual package
maintainer role of negotiating the Debian-specific change into the
upstream package.

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