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Re: Good communication with upstream is good idea

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Launchpad can already be used as an openid /provider/ today, but I haven't
> heard anything to indicate it will allow logins via other openid providers;
> is more information available about this somewhere?
> And even if LP accepted other openid providers, one would still have to log
> in to LP the first time in order to configure which openid provider to use,
> which I guess is still going to be more effort than some are interested in
> doing. :)

What is the problem with closing the Debian bugs in the Debian
changelog, and letting the Ubuntu MOTU (I hope I am using the right
terminology here) handle the Ubuntu bug tracking?

I am speaking from the standpoint of a Debian Developer that is not
affiliated with Ubuntu. If a Developer is handling both the Debian and
Ubuntu packaging, then they can do as they feel best.

I know that I test the Debian bugs prior to closing. I don't test Ubuntu
builds - so I wold find it very presumptuous to close an Ubuntu bug.

Or am I missing what LP: ####### does?

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