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Re: Should dpkg-source -x list patches (Re: How to handle Debian patches)

On Wed, 21 May 2008, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

ke, 2008-05-21 kello 09:09 +0200, Andreas Tille kirjoitti:
Would you regard this as a useful bug report or not?

I think that would be a rather excellently useful bug report.

OK, so I will go on filing it this way.

The only
way to improve it would be to include an actual patch to implement it.

... as always.  So I use the excuse (as always) that my time is currently
to limited to fiddle around with this things while trusting that the
implementation is easy enough for a person who knows the code much better
than me.  I had a look into dpkg-source before my proposal and it is
rather a matter of style how to resolve this bug and I would not try
to force my rude beginners style onto a perl professional.

Kind regards



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