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Re: Should dpkg-source -x list patches (Re: How to handle Debian patches)

ti, 2008-05-20 kello 00:01 +0200, Andreas Tille kirjoitti:
> > The debian Diff is not hiding patches in the upstream code. It is the
> > canonical place to publish them (at least for some (most?) of the debian
> > packages following policy).
> Well, I'm DD for 10 years - I know this fact.  But did you read about
> habits of other fellow developers in this thread.  Just reread and come back
> if you are really sure that an extra hint about patches is really useless.

I'm a fairly long-time Unix user. I find it much preferably when command
line tools are quiet by default when things are going well. Providing a
--verbose option rather than a --quiet option would be my preference.
Having a tool print out a lot of information that is peripheral to what
I'm doing is distracting, and if it happens often, I start mentally
ignoring the output until something breaks. Listing patches when I
unpack source is one of those cases to me.

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