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Re: Packages using VCS but with no 'Vcs-*' control field

Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.fi> writes:

> su, 2008-05-18 kello 18:40 +1000, Ben Finney kirjoitti:
> > This would still not meet the stated requirement for the proposed
> > mass bug filing, of finding packages that *do* use a VCS but don't
> > declare it.
> That is true, but it would get all package maintainers to add the
> headers, and the package maintainers would then know what to add.
> So the mass bug filing would be to add Vcs- headers according to
> need.

When such bugs are filed, I would ask that they not refer to "headers"
which is a term that doesn't apply to 'debian/control'. The contents
of 'debian/control' is a set of *fields*, not headers, just like the
fields in the header of an email message.

> Of course, I wouldn't do a mass bug filing yet. I'd add a lintian
> check first, and do a d-d-a mail, and wait a couple of months.

That sounds a reasonable approach, *if* there is consensus that the
'Vcs-*' fields should be mandatory in 'debian/control' files.

The mass bug filing would then have nothing to do with whether the
'Vcs-*' fields were *correct* or not, just whether they were
*present*. This is different from the original "file bugs against
packages that do use a VCS but don't declare it" proposal, up-thread.

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