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Re: How to handle Debian patches

George Danchev wrote:
> Then comes even more, even Ben Laurie (as he writes in 
> his blog) with all his aggression missed to find the debian's pkg-openssl VCS 
> repo [1] unless he has been helped by someone at some point. I'm not against 
> the VCS repo (I myself use some for my packaging), I just claim that you can 
> expect that random upstream developers and random debian users know about it, 
> they need instead extremely simple and stable interfaces to access the 
> changes to their upstream source currently found in Debian archive, and we 
> already have that for years. 

The openssl package is missing a Vcs-Svn field. If it had one it would
be pretty easy to find its svn repo.

I think it's about time to file mass bugs on whatever packages are left that
use version control and lack the fields.

see shy jo

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