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Re: triggers wishlist

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 08:25:15PM +0000, Joey Hess wrote:
> > - update-menus 
> > 	Run by zillions of postinsts and postrms, many of these can be
> > 	gotten rid of entirely by using triggers, which is a big
> > 	complexity win.
> > 	I have written a patch for initial trigger support in menu. (#473467)
>   I thought this one had a custom hack already ? It does not means that
> it could not be dropped alltogether though.

The custom hack depends on all postinsts running update-menus, which is
a large amount of unnecessary code. After re-reading the code today, I 
also belive it's got race conditions (#473464), amoung other problems.

> > - ldconfig
> > 	Seems to be some uncertainty about where it's possible to
> > 	triggerize this safely and reliably.
>   More importantly, since recently, ldconfig uses a second cache, and
> is way faster than before. It seems less than safe to "optimize"
> ldconfig through triggers, for a very little gain in the end.

It does seem to take only 0.1 seconds from a warm cache here.

see shy jo

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