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triggers wishlist

dpkg in experimental supports triggers now, and in many cases trigger
support can be added to packages without creating a hard dependency on
a new version of dpkg.

Things I want to see use triggers, in approximate priority order:

- scrollkeeper
	This is a huge speed pig, and d-i has hacks to disable it and 
	run it at the end that I would love to be able to remove.
	dpkg's triggers.txt has a plan for triggerizing it
- tetex stuff
	Also very slow. Maintainers already plan to use triggers.
- update-menus 
	Run by zillions of postinsts and postrms, many of these can be
	gotten rid of entirely by using triggers, which is a big
	complexity win.
	I have written a patch for initial trigger support in menu. (#473467)
- ldconfig
	Seems to be some uncertainty about where it's possible to
	triggerize this safely and reliably.
- update-mime
- update-mime-database
	We could probably speed up desktop installs by about 1 minute by
	triggerizing these.
- update-icon-caches
- update-desktop-database
	These are not very slow, nor used by a great many packages,
	but triggerizing them would allow getting rid of dh_icons and 
	dh_desktop eventually, which I would appreciate.
- install-info
	Currnently it has to be told which info file has changed, but
	that could easily be removed. Triggerizing this would simplify
	some maintainer scripts. (Only ones that don't need to pass
	install-info any options.)

see shy jo

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