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Re: triggers wishlist


Joey Hess wrote:
> Things I want to see use triggers, in approximate priority order:
> - scrollkeeper
> 	This is a huge speed pig, and d-i has hacks to disable it and 
> 	run it at the end that I would love to be able to remove.
> 	dpkg's triggers.txt has a plan for triggerizing it
> - tetex stuff
> 	Also very slow. Maintainers already plan to use triggers.
> - update-menus 
> 	Run by zillions of postinsts and postrms, many of these can be
> 	gotten rid of entirely by using triggers, which is a big
> 	complexity win.
> 	I have written a patch for initial trigger support in menu. (#473467)
> - ldconfig
> 	Seems to be some uncertainty about where it's possible to
> 	triggerize this safely and reliably.
> - update-mime
> - update-mime-database
> 	We could probably speed up desktop installs by about 1 minute by
> 	triggerizing these.
> - update-icon-caches
> - update-desktop-database
> 	These are not very slow, nor used by a great many packages,
> 	but triggerizing them would allow getting rid of dh_icons and 
> 	dh_desktop eventually, which I would appreciate.
> - install-info
> 	Currnently it has to be told which info file has changed, but
> 	that could easily be removed. Triggerizing this would simplify
> 	some maintainer scripts. (Only ones that don't need to pass
> 	install-info any options.)

Maybe also fc-cache calls?



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