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Re: A suggestion

hi there,

On Friday 28 March 2008 04:32:49 pm Unni wrote:
> The latest problem I am experiencing is that I have a recently
> purchased Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop and I tried installing debian etch
> in it. Most of the drivers were not detected like display, audio,
> modem etc. I tried posting my problem in LQ but didnt get a result to
> solve my problem. But I saw Dell recomending ubuntu for the same
> machine. I tried it and with satisfacoty result. But, I think ubuntu
> doesnt provide necessary packages for development in its bacis CD.
> Even I cant use Xwindows programming in it. I have the full CD set of
> Etch. And I wanted it to work well.

you may also want to try the current testing distribution of debian, which is 
generally quite stable and features much newer software and better hardware 

also, for questions like this, the best place to ask is not LQ nor this 
mailing list, but instead debian-user@lists.debian.org (or in the irc channel 
#debian-user on oftc)


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