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Re: A suggestion

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 12:32:33PM +0530, Unni wrote:
> I have been using debian for the last 2 years. ( i was unaware of linux b4
> that)
> I installed debian etch in many machines with varying configurations. Most
> of the time I was only able to install the base system with no sound, poor
> resolution, no video etc. This was especially in laptops.
> Recently I tried Ubuntu. Surprisingly to me, after installation the sound
> card, video card etc are detected automatically.
> And more.. the appearence is much good compared to etch, i think.
> Why the debian can be more interesting? More graphics, more drivers etc.
> I think this can be done without a big effort ( correct me if  I am wrong).
> I suggest to make this change possible.
Ubuntu has already made the effort.  So, if that is what you are looking
for, then use Ubuntu.  Debian is targeted at a much wider audience using
a much greater variety of hardware in a great many more configurations.
Many of those people have no need or desire for the features you

Alternatively, since Debian is an all-volunteer project you can feel
free to volunteer to contribute the necessary changes.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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