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Re: ITP: libnet-dhcp-perl -- Interface for handling DHCP packets

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Gunnar Wolf schrieb:
> Hendrik Frenzel dijo [Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 05:41:49PM +0100]:
>> * Package name    : libnet-dhcp-perl
>> (...)
>>   Description     : Interface for handling DHCP packets
>> This module is a release of the DHCP protocol interface to Perl 5. There
>> are two parts to the interface: the packet component (Net::DHCP::Packet)
>> and the constants component (Net::DHCP::Constants) which represents
>> constants used in DHCP protocol, defined in RFC 1533, RFC 2132, RFC
>> 2241, RFC 2485, RFC 2563, RFC 2937, RFC 3004, RFC 3011, RFC 3046.
> Just to be a bit too picky: Please ellaborate on the description what
> does 'handling' mean - analizing them on real time? Modifying and
> reinjecting them to wreck chaos? Describe what can it do with the
> packets.

"With Net::DHCP you can create and analyze DHCP packets which are sent
or received with the help of IO::Socket::INET."

I'll update the package description in svn tomorrow. Do you think this
sentence is descriptive enought?

> I do not think listing the RFCs that define DHCP do anything to help
> the user understand what the package is about. But do make sure the
> upstream tarball does not include the RFCs themselves, as they are
> non-free. 

The RFCs aren't included. The list is just part of description of the
::Constats module.

> Greetings,


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