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Re: BitTorrent and ISP interference

William, please follow the Debian mailing list code of conduct
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don't send me individual messages that are also sent to the list,
since I didn't ask for them.

William Pitcock <nenolod@sacredspiral.co.uk> writes:

> On Thu, 2008-03-20 at 07:51 +1100, Ben Finney wrote:
> > That is a problem that won't be solved by avoiding use of
> > BitTorrent; on the contrary, reducing legitimate use of BitTorrent
> > can only result in supporting those who would paint BitTorrent as
> > a tool without significant legitimate use.
> This has nothing to do with "legitimate" or not "legitmate" use;
> this has to do with the fact that BitTorrent and swarm-based P2P
> networks in general overload many ISPs infrastructure since ISPs
> like to highly oversell their networks.

I don't see why you present that as a counterpoint. Such actions by
ISPs are by definition relegating BitTorrent traffic to
"non-legitimate" status, by saying it shouldn't be supported equally.

That problem which can only be solved by proving through actual use
that BitTorrent is a service that users require their ISPs to support
equally along with all other legitimate traffic. Refraining from using
BitTorrent can only bolster the argument that it's not significantly
used enough to support.

> Putting pressure on them will not do any good, and infact, someone
> who claims that it has to do with piracy will look like an idiot in
> 90% of cases where BitTorrent is blocked.

Fortunately, no-one has raised the topic of piracy, and I don't see
the need to do so now.

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