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Re: What CDs and DVDs should we produce for lenny?

Anthony Towns dijo [Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 03:39:05PM +1000]:
> (...)
> and the real question is where you say "if you really want the 23rd CD
> for mipsel, you're probably smart/dedicated enough to use jigdo".

I completely agree with this. I don't think we must carry every CD for
every arch forever!

BTW... 30 CDs are too many CDs. Just too fucking many. We could also
cut down on them - i.e. produce only the first 8 CDs per arch, and
have the rest only as DVDs. Yes, many people still do not have DVD
drives handy, but then again, 8 CDs + network access + a bit of
patience for the most obscure bits of software should be enough for

> The other thing we /could/ do is encourage people who've done successful
> Debian installs to help contribute by participating in a torrent after
> the fact -- you could do all sorts of things like have a FUSE filesystem
> that takes a (partial) mirror and a jigdo file and lets you see fake iso
> files, which you then seed via bittorrent, eg. You could automate that,
> so it's just a question like the popcon one: "Do you wish to participate
> as a torrent seed for other people installing Debian? Yes [No]"

Ugh. Do you really want ISPs all over the world to start associating
Debian with evil communist pirate P2P filesharers?

> Hrm. In the real world, does jigdo actually saturate broadband bandwidth?
> It's been a long time since I've tried it, but I vaguely remember it
> not actually being very speedy. Ah, it was the "stop downloading, add
> files to image" that used to slow things down, but seem less of an issue
> now. The repeated wgets probably still aren't great for that matter,
> since it serialises downloading and establishing connections.

It does. I ran Jigdo for i386 DVD 1 some months ago for a person that
requested it from me. We have ftp.mx.debian.org in our university
network, and I have theoretically a 100Mbps link to it (really it's
about 8Mbps, but who am I to complain?). It was a busy night for my


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