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Re: How to install Suggested (Was: Are all recommended modules equally important?)

On Wed, 19 Mar 2008, LUK ShunTim wrote:

"man apt.conf" points you to
/usr/share/doc/apt/examples/configure-index.gz. Maybe it has something
you want. :-)

Ahhh, nice place to hide some information.  Users only have to

$ find /usr/share/doc/apt -type f -exec zgrep -li suggest \{\} \;

Moreover fixing this in a config file is hardly a practical thing
if I want to force installing Suggests only once I do not want to
edit a config file but override the setting inside the config file
with a command line option.

BTW, there _is_ even a bug report #230295 about this issue and BTW
it is a really interesting reading how maintainers might react on
perfectly valid bug reports. :-(  I also can not verify that this
bug is a duplicate as Matt Zimmerman claimed, but I did not checked
closed bugs which might perfectly contain some duplicates regarding
Recommends which is in now included by default.

On the other hand the manpage also does not match the string
"recommend" and so I'm missing the information how to explicitely
exclude recommends as well.

Moreover the hint that aptitude might understand --with-suggests
which was given in #230295 is not true any more.

Any body else disagrees that this feature is missing or at least
de-facto undocumented?

Kind regards



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