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Re: Debian mirror CDN had launched.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your testing.

Do you like cdn.debian.net's idea and implementation?
I would like you to notice your impression for cdn.debian.net to me!
If possible, I hope you to update EU/Fr mirror list for cdn.debian.net
in near future. (please see last part of this mail..)

At Sun, 17 Feb 2008 13:08:39 +0100,
Vincent Bernat wrote:
> is  ftp.de.debian.org. I am  located in France with  an IP
> address of one of the largest  ISP here. This ISP is hosting an official
> Debian mirror.

OK. However, your received result is right.
Because currentrly, I have not set for Debian Mirror on France!
Then cdn.debian.net returned german mirror as continental mirror of EU.

> geoiplookup gives me:
>  GeoIP Country Edition: FR, France
> Instead  of giving  Japan mirrors  as secondary  choices, you  could try
> nearby countries?

In Technically, Yes, we can.
I know, using http://www.debian.org/mirror/list might be easy answer.

However, I have no knowledge in each resional mirror policy/status.
Then I have added Japan/Korea national mirrors and AF/AS/EU/NA/OC/SA continents mirrors.
If anybody want to add national miror configuration, 
I have to add file to 'svn add (to https://osdn.debian.or.jp/repos/cdn/trunk/country)'.

To manage by all of DD, I will propose to use SVN on alioth(?).debian.org in near future.

Thanks all,

ARAKI Yasuhiro <ar@debian.org>

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