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Re: Debian mirror CDN had launched.

[No need to CC me, I'm subscribed. Keeping the other CCs since I don't
know about their subscription status.]


ARAKI Yasuhiro wrote:
>   I announce I start cdn.debian.net.

You could have announced work on this before, we could have joined
forces! :-)

But I wonder, how do you guys deal with partial mirrors (in terms of
provided archs)? Do you support only full mirrors?
You don't have any architecture information, so I assume you can only
use mirrors which could provide all archs, right?

> This CDN checks your hosts DNS query to retrive your national location.
> - If your located country has Debian Mirror, return this mirror site IP address.
> - If your located continent has Debian Mirror, return this mirror site IP address.

I don't think this is a good logic for many situations.
For instance: Brazil is in South America, but it doesn't have good links
to any other South American country. You'd most probably get better
results from a North American mirror instead of any other South American
mirror outside Brazil.
I think this situation might occur too often in other countries.

> - If CDN can not find your location, return one of Japan mirror.
> - This CDN checks debian rsync mirror process. If mirror site is mirroring, CDN hides this site. 

This is a good idea. I had intended to plug this information into my
solution as well, though I'm not sure about hiding current mirroring
Though I couldn't find where you get this info from, and how. Is it in
the SVN you supplied?

Furthermore, why don't you guys use the info from the
Mirrors.masterlist[0] file to generate your country/continent
information? This way you can work closely with the mirror-admins to
keep your info up-to-date.


Leo "costela" Antunes
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