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Re: How to cope with patches sanely

On Thu Jan 31 13:36, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   I only need one tool, $SCM.

Which is great, for those people who want that workflow. I definitely
think we should come up with improvements to our packaging system which
makes this easier.


Not everyone wants to work like this, and this is also fine. By all
means extol the virtues of it, people have done similar things on Planet
and other people have said 'wow, that is better, I'll start using it'.

But, Debian is sufficiently large and diverse that this workflow will
not suit everyone.

Certainly we don't want a situation where it is hard for one person to
NMU another's packages without learning significant amounts of new tools
(and this works both ways, having seen some descriptions of VCS-based
 packaging in this discussion I would steer away from those as much as I
 would from CDBS, which I also don't understand. In both cases there are
 people who say they can't live without it). But, I think it is possible
to come up with a solution which fits both ways of working, doesn't add
work for those packages which _don't_ have upstream patches and is
easily NMU-able by everything.

Remember, learning a couple of commands like patch-edit is easier than
learning the semantics of merges and branches in a specific VCS.

If this all ends up being implemented with .git.gz under the hood, I
don't mind, as long I'm still using the same tools, and not having to
call any git commands myself. Implementation details are essentially


Matthew Johnson

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