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Re: Standard to indicate repacking in version numbers?

On 28/01/2008, Russ Allbery wrote:
> We went back and forth on this several times on debian-mentors and I
> think everyone finally agreed that debian/copyright is the correct
> place to explain any repackaging of the upstream source.  Since
> debian/copyright is the standard place to explain where the upstream
> source came from, it's the logical place for that information to go.


First (and that's why I keep -policy, and even add -doc to Cc), it might
be interesting to remove the README.Debian-source suggestion in devref and specify debian/copyright there.

Second, I'm now wondering whether some modifications/additions to the
copyright format proposal[1] should be done so as to make it easy to
specify which files/directories were removed and for which reason (no
sources, no license, unsuitable license, etc.).

 1. http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat


Cyril Brulebois

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