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Re: Correct spelling/capitalisation of project names

openldap -> OpenLDAP
Openldap -> OpenLDAP
OpenLdap -> OpenLDAP

I haven't checked if these mistakes are often used or not,
though. Just popped in my mind while working on OpenLDAP debconf
templates..(which have no error of course).

Also, what about checking debconf templates? I think that the
probability of false positives there is quite low as long as you take
care to check "Description" only ("_Description", indeed).

The check could either be done on the source debconf templates (listed
in debian/po/POTFILES.in) or on the DEBIAN/templates file in binary
packages. The latter adds the possibility for checking proper
capitalization in translated templates (I see no real reason for
translations to change capitalization when mentioning project names
that should remain untranslatable).

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