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Re: Incorrect use of dpkg conffile suffixes and lintian checks

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Michael Biebl]
Why do you think, debhelper is not the correct place to handle this?
Imho it would be fairly easy to write a debhelper command for this.
Another way would be, to make dpkg smarter about such cases.  As you
want to write a special utility for this, how would you hook this up
into the install/upgrade process? If you have to edit maintainer
scripts again, you haven't gained a lot imho.

What API should be provided?  I assume the script name and the version
it was removed would be enough?

Something like 'dh_obsolete /etc/init/oldfile 1.0.0-1', perhaps?  One
entry per file?

Something like this, yeah. And optionally a third parameter if a conffile has been moved.
dh_obsolete /etc/bar.conf 1.0.0.-1 /etc/bar/bar.conf

dh_obsolete sounds a bit weird in that case, so suggestions for better names are welcome.

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