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Re: DOAP files

On Thu, Dec 27, 2007 at 09:52:27PM +0000, Edd Dumbill wrote:
> I'm not currently subscribed to debian-devel, but am happy to contribute
> in any way I can to this effort, so please feel free to CC me, or bring

Hi Edd, thank for taking part in this discussion!

Debian side, I presume the peculiar thing we need to do is to
standardize how to use upstream DOAP files. The few questions that comes
to my mind right now are:
- would it be enough to have them in a Debian source package or do we
  want to have them also in some Debian binary package (so that they
  will end up being installed on the filesystem)?
- in the latter case, let's standardize a directory where to put them;
  which one?
- similar question for the former case: debian/doap.xml would do?

In answering the above questions we need to think at the use cases,
right now I only have in mind the PTS and packages.d.o. For both cases
probably the source package would be enough, since packages.d.o AFAIK is
already unpacking source packages to extract stuff, for example the

I'm not sure however that preventing a priori filesystem installation
will not hinder future uses ...

Edd, your hints on how to answers the above questions are totally


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