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Re: DOAP files

On Wed, Dec 26, 2007 at 02:50:32AM +0100, Luca Brivio wrote:
> 1) Should we include DOAP files from upstream in packages? (always?)

Why not :)

> 2) If so, where? (usr/share/doc sounds OK if they are only provided for sake 
> of completeness, while IMVHO if we want them to be globally parsed and/or 
> indexed it would be good to have an ad-hoc hierarchy under e.g. 
> usr/share/doap)

I'm not much into this DOAP thing, but being (lowercase) semantic web
oriented I presume that it would be useful when it's available on the
web, isn't it? So, what is the utility of being installed on the
filesystem, beside only being able to serve the DOAP files of the
packages installed on a given Debian machine?

I see two ways of serving it that seem to me much more useful: provide a
centralized, archive-wide place, where we serve all the DOAPs of Debian
packages. The more obvious places to me seem packages.d.o and/or the


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