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DOAP files

Hi developers,

While I'm packaging morla[1], I've found in the tarball tree a little XML file 
named "doap.rdf", which turned out to be a DOAP[2][3] file. An apt-file query 
(on 'sid', i386) showed me that there are at least three packages which 
install such files:

flumotion: usr/share/doc/flumotion/flumotion.doap.gz
mach: usr/share/doc/mach/mach.doap.gz
python-gst0.10: usr/share/doc/python-gst0.10/gst-python.doap

I haven't be found any quick way to search the Debian source archive for file 
names, but Google Code Search provided[4] me with a rough estimate of how 
many DOAP files are around there, in tarballs and VCSs. There are several 
dozens; what's most noteworthy, some of them belong to non-aforementioned 
softwares included in Debian. Sadly enough, they appear to have very loose 
conventions about naming (with respect to contents, at least a validator[5] 
exists, although currently only for any «pure DOAP, not DOAP in an RDF 

Now, DOAP is of course an interesting thing from the semantic web. The Apache 
Software Foundation supports[6] it. An ITP bug[7] has been filed for moap[8], 
a project maintenance tool using DOAP files. There are DOAP generators[9], 
maybe some converters, and so on. Info in these files are kind of like those 
which one may find on e.g. Freshmeat about projects. doapspace.org[10] 
collects DOAP entries, mostly generated from Sourceforge updates...

So, I don't know how these files might be useful (as sources for information 
on upstream projects, I guess). Anyway, I have some questions I'd like to see 
answered, so I may do a better job (as a prospective maintainer).

1) Should we include DOAP files from upstream in packages? (always?)
2) If so, where? (usr/share/doc sounds OK if they are only provided for sake 
of completeness, while IMVHO if we want them to be globally parsed and/or 
indexed it would be good to have an ad-hoc hierarchy under e.g. 
3) (related to the above question) Should they have uniform names? If so, in 
what form? Should we distinguish between pure DOAP and «DOAP in an RDF 

I know you will enlighten me. :-) Thanks.

[1] http://www.morlardf.net
[2] http://usefulinc.com/doap/
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOAP
[5] http://doapspace.org/validate_form
[6] http://projects.apache.org/doap.html
[7] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=422660
[8] https://thomas.apestaart.org/moap/trac
[9] http://crschmidt.net/semweb/doapamatic/
[10] http://doapspace.org


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