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Re: Bug#457318: ITP: qmail -- a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent

23.12.2007 pisze Kalle Kivimaa (killer@debian.org):

> Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org> writes:
> > Why was it removed from Debian GNU/Linux in the first place!?

> It's never been in Debian. The source package is in non-free, as the
> license didn't permit binary distribution. See e.g.
> http://packages.debian.org/etch/qmail-src for some explanation.

Ah, but it's been there, once. I remember that my first Debian
installation included in the default setup all the accounts used by
qmail (if not the qmail itself).

Jubal (...am I using Debian that long?)

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