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Re: Shouldn't apt-listchanges be Priority: standard?

On Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 06:13:02AM +0000, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Philippe Cloutier (chealer@gmail.com):
> >>
> >> Could we consider increasign the priority of apt-listchanges so that
> >> it is installed by default?
> > I'm against making it standard, because currently tasksel doesn't ask if a 
> > recommendation should be installed, so when we make tasksel install 
> > recommendations by default, apt-listchanges would bring in GTK+ and company 
> > (due to its recommendation of python-glade2). This is useless for X-less 
> > installs.
> "Throwing away the baby with the bath's water", no? :-)
> I'm pretty sure that Pierre would downgrade the recommendation to a
> suggestion in case apt-listchanges is "Priority: standard", n'est-ce
> pas Pierre?

  I don't know, the point is that if people use the "gtk" front-end then
I _think_ there will be all kind of exceptions and errors everywhere on
the console. I have to test it doesn't happen and fallback to the pager
front-end if glade isn't there.

  Then I'll be able to move that to a suggest because it won't break
apt-listchanges badly. But it's a 10-liner away probably.

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