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Re: wxwidgets 2.8, anyone?

On Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 09:54:46AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hello Daniel,
> I have been (indirectly) contacted by upstream developers of wxWindows who
> are also unsatisfied by the lack of action of Ron. It's clear that Ron and
> upstream are not in good terms (Ron being a former upstream developer).
> In those conditions I wonder if Ron is really a good maintainer for this
> package. And from what I saw in the BTS, he deliberatly blocks any work on
> wx 2.8 until an hypothetic transition plan. Though I've not seen any
> serious work on a "transition plan" from himself. 
> [...]

See also


And I'm quoting below my personal answer to Ron's off-list question 
about 'my transition plan':

"My plan is preparing an experimental 2.8 package and asking all                                                                            
interested developers trying building and doing some extensive                                                                             
tests against it. A 2.6 -> 2.8 migration is out of mind due                                                                                
to consistent changes in APIs and behaviors. Some programs                                                                                 
could consistently use 2.8 without glitches, some others not.                                                                              
As in case of libdb for instance, we will have to live                                                                                     
with multiple source packages, at least until all interested                                                                               
upstreams will not move completely to new interfaces. Than some                                                                            
version will become droppable (i.e. the old 2.4).                                                                                          
I did not expect the situation will become better with 3.0.                                                                                
And the current status require starting a team work, because                                                                               
no maintainers can reasonably maintain the monster alone,                                                                                  
as already true for Qt and GTK+. People who monitor svn                                                                                    
development and create suitable ad-hoc patches to manage                                                                                   
main issues are also required.                                                                                                             
Now, what are YOUR plans?"

No answer. It is quite clear that Ron will not support anything
which is not 3.0 whenever ready (after Lenny freezing I suppose).
I received (if my memory does not fail) no contact by other
supposed interested people in the meantime. 

I find quite superfluous waiting another month in the long way
to a wxwidgets 2.8 package stabilization. It needs action and now. 

I'm not personally interested in supporting
wxwidgets because already heavily involved in other tasks, sorry. 

Francesco P. Lovergine

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