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Re: Shouldn't apt-listchanges be Priority: standard?

Thanks for starting this discussion, Christian; I had planned to do so
myself within a few days.

On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 11:49:41AM +0530, Christian Perrier wrote:
> From Bug#456977: 

> Steve Langasek commented while closing this bug report:

> > It is recommended that you use apt-listchanges on your system, to be
> > notified of package behavior changes such as this.

> Could we consider increasign the priority of apt-listchanges so that
> it is installed by default?

> More and more developers use NEWS.Debian to communicate about
> disruptive package changes but that doesn't really help if the tools
> that warn users are not insalled by default.

Further to this, we have the position of the debconf maintainers that
debconf notes should *not* be used for unconditionally sending notices to
users on upgrade.  It's fairly important then that there is a reliable
method to deliver such messages to users by default, and it's my
understanding that apt-listchanges is that chosen method.  Supporting this
by default means raising the package priority so that it's installed by

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