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Re: Is menu orphaned?

On Sun, 9 Dec 2007, Russ Allbery wrote:

Hm, which lintian warning is that?  There was a wishlist bug for such a
thing, but I don't think any warning was ever committed.

Hmmm, I absolutely trust you that there is no such check - perhaps
there was such a check in the past or I just mixed this up with some
other checks.  At least there are some means who suggest developers
to add a menu entry to their packages in dh_make (which is good!).

There are enough developers that would be in favour of freedesktop.org
menus as I wrote before.

At least the Debian menu system has a documented format and standard that
everyone follows, unlike freedesktop.org where KDE, Gnome, and GNUstep
implement three subtlely different things, none of the differences are
adequately documented, and writing lintian checks for the whole thing
without stumbling over yet another strange system-specific divergence has
proven quite difficult.

Well, I perfectly agree with you that freedesktop.org has inconsistencies
and drawbacks.  Exactly this is the reason why I started this thread
because I'm afraid we loose grip on our own system that has proven to
work over years.  I learned that we are missing important pieces in
the documentation and I was not able to sort out a clear concept behind
the change / addition of menu format.  I do not want to criticise
or menu system or want to compare it to freedesktop.org - I just wanted
to point out that it deserves more care.

Kind regards



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