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Re: Is menu orphaned? (Was: Debian Menu transition status)

On Sun, 9 Dec 2007, Bill Allombert wrote:

OK, this hint (is it documented somewhere?) would probably help

Not yet, though you are welcome to provide a patch for the menu

As ususal.  I hope there are not even more hidden/undocumented
features which are waiting for patches in the docs.

My strategy is simply to let developers experiment with the menu-2
format.  If at one point we decide that menu-1 is too ugly to be kept,
we could deprecate it, but we are not there yet.

And we will never come to this point if there is no clear guideline.
The strategy that menu-2 was basically ignored by developers for eight
years would lead me to the conclusion that the experiment failed.
Why should I change something for no profit at all - at least up
to now nobody was able to epxlain any advantage of menu-2 over menu-1.
Why should any developer change a running system for no profit at
all.  So finishing the experiment and droping some unused stuff (well
I understand that it is used in menu methods but you also did not really
explained why this might be superior) would sound reasonable to me.

Bill, I'm afraid you might ignore the fact that there are many developers
who consider menu outdated and more or less just add menu files to just
avoid a lintian warning about a missing menu file.  There are enough
developers that would be in favour of freedesktop.org menus as I wrote
before.  I do not think so and even if I'm lacking the time to actively
work on menu I'm in favour of this because it works with all UIs in

If you will not manage to form a _group_ that _actively_ develops
menu and sets clear and reasonable guidelines for developers that
should be applied to their packages the menu system in Debian will
not be able to compete with alternatives in the future (which
would be really sad).

Kind regards



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