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Re: Please don't list available translations in the package description

On Fri, Dec 07, 2007 at 02:22:49PM +0100, Leo costela Antunes wrote:

> Couldn't debtags support this sort of information in a good enough way
> (not via culture::*, but something like translated-in::*)?
> Or perhaps - if stricter solution is desired - implementing a new
> control field that could be filled on build-time by a dh script (which
> should support po files natively, but could also support regex based
> searching of translation files, for alternative translation schemes)?

I don't think it's a good idea to use Debtags: it would immensely
clutter the Packages file, and the workflow for Debtags tags isn't ideal
for this.

Also, maybe with locales one would like to match more smartly than you
do with tags: maybe if I'm looking for it_CH I could be happy to find
another it_IT if it_CH is missing.

The feature is interesting, though.  I didn't know of
http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po/ posted by cobaco, and that could be
leveraged.  I'm thinking fetching info from
http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po/ and feeding them into
apt-xapian-index, for example.

If someone explains me precisely how locales are supposed to match, I
can work out a nice way of doing that.



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