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Packages with httpd needs

Dear list, 

as I do not know, where to write, as there is no debian-packages, I will try 
it here.

Well, I wondered, whenever an application needs a http-demon (for example 
phpgroupware, egroupware, prelude and many others), all packages force to 
install apache. There is no way, to get rid of this. As we say "Small is  
beautifull" or "KISS = Keep it simple stupid" , IMO there is no need, to 
install mighty apache ! A simple http  demon (I prefer thttpd) would do the 
same but would be more secure.

So it would be nice, if all maintainers could build the packages, with an "OR" 
opoortunity like "recommended apache or thttpd or whatevereslse" , so the 
user could choose, which http-demon he would like to use.

Doing so, this would be another step to security.

I would be pleased, if this input will be discussed among the developers or 
those, who build packages. 

Thank you for reading this mail !



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