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Re: Packages with httpd needs

Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> Well, I wondered, whenever an application needs a http-demon (for example 
> phpgroupware, egroupware, prelude and many others), all packages force to 
> install apache. There is no way, to get rid of this. As we say "Small is  
> beautifull" or "KISS = Keep it simple stupid" , IMO there is no need, to 
> install mighty apache ! A simple http  demon (I prefer thttpd) would do the 
> same but would be more secure.

THTTPD doesn't (AFAIK) support PHP, so the applications you mentioned
can't be use with it.

Thanks for the interest in helping out, but please file bugs to specific
packages when you are certain they could use a suggestion such as yours.

I don't dismiss your suggestion completely, but bear in mind that given
the number of people and packages in debian, a non-specific email to
debian-devel is hardly likely to generate any sort of positive outcome.


Leo "costela" Antunes
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