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Re: Packages with httpd needs

* Hans-J. Ullrich [Tue, 27 Nov 2007 15:24:59 +0100]:

> Dear list, 

Hello Hans. If you verify that a given package can actually work with
some HTTP server that is not apache, and the depends line of that
package is like "Depends: apache" instead of "Depends: apache | httpd",
please by all means file a bug asking for the "| httpd" bit to be added.

Just for the record, it seems we have 64 packages that depend on apache
but are not an apache module without an alternative dependency on httpd,
versus 82 that have such alternative. But many of those 64 will be
"false positives".

  (grep-available -FDepends apache -a --not -FPackage apache -a --not -FDepends 'httpd' -c)

Let me repeat, please only file bugs when there's proof or reasonable
ground to believe that the package will work with non-apache servers.


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