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Re: Opinions sought: mlocate appropriate for Priority: standard?

* Andreas Metzler [Wed, 14 Nov 2007 19:32:47 +0100]:

> Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> wrote:
> > * Andreas Metzler [Mon, 12 Nov 2007 19:31:29 +0100]:
> [...]
> >> I did consider it, but afaik the pulled-in-by-dependency-szenario is
> >> going to be rare.

> > Well, dlocate has 2500 popcon installations, vs. slocate's 1500. So, I'm
> > still convinced findutil's locate's cron script should either only run if
> > it's the configured locate, *or* not run unless enabled in /etc/default/locate.

> > But it's your package and I know how to disable one script for cron, so
> > I won't mention it further. :-)

> Perhaps it is possible to make dlocate work with mlocate's tools.

mlocate doesn't ship any tools like /usr/lib/locate/frcode (which
dlocate uses), only locate and updatedb.

> .1 comes from upstream. It is possible for users to uses updatedb to
> index their own filetree. (With mlocate it is probably not necessary.)

So, uhm, I'll go with renaming to .1 in mlocate.

> How does mlocate.updatedb handle updatedb.conf? Does the binary read
> the file on every execution or does it also rely on wrapper script
> (the cron job) to source it? findutils works the latter way and the
> file is therefore misnamed, it is find-daily.defaults, not
> updatedb.conf.

The updatedb binary directly reads updatedb.conf.

> You do not plan on sharing the configuration file between packages, do
> you?

Well, what do you suggest? How does dpkg react when unpacking a conffile
that is the conffile of another package?

> [...]
> >    same upload, findutils gets:

> >      Breaks: dlocate (<= 0.5-0.3)

> I thought Breaks was not yet handled by dpkg/apt and was therefore
> pointless?

apt supports it since 0.7.0.

> >    1c. I submit a bug against dlocate asking for

> >      Depends: locate | findutils (<= 4.2.31-1)

> plus a sourcechange to actually work with both.

What change? Ah, you mean using /usr/bin/locate.findutils, and only if
that's not present, fail back to `dpkg-divert --truename /usr/bin/locate`?

> Sounds basically ok. I will try to make some real progress on the
> weekend.


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