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Re: Opinions sought: mlocate appropriate for Priority: standard?

* Joey Hess [Sat, 10 Nov 2007 11:47:40 -0500]:

> Josh Triplett wrote:
> > Thus, I would argue that:

> > * No locate should have standard priority as long as findutils
> >   contains locate.
> > * locate should move out of findutils into a separate package.
> > * Once that happens, if any locate should have priority standard,
> >   mlocate should.
> > * However, I don't think any locate should have priority standard.

> Agreed to all points, except I do think some locate should probably be
> standard priority. But not required or essential. It's easy enough to
> skip priority standard stuff if it's not wanted. 

Okay, thanks. Andreas, how does the idea of splitting locate/updatedb
out from findutils sound to you, to follow the above plan? (dlocate can
Depend: on locate | findutils (<= 4.3.8-X) then.)


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