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Re: Opinions sought: mlocate appropriate for Priority: standard?

Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> wrote:
> Sounds good, and I think locate as package name is appropriate. Is there
> an ETA for uploading 4.3.8 to unstable?

No, not yet. But once stuff works in experimental (and all components
have gone through the necessary NEW processing) the respective change
could go to 4.2.x.

>> > How to handle the cron.daily script, though?

>> +[ -e /usr/bin/updatedb.findutils ] || exit 0
>> +  cd / && nice -n ${NICE:-10} updatedb.findutils 2>/dev/null

> Well, I should've been more verbose: that patch will run updatedb even
> if findutil's locate is installed but not the selected alternative. Now
> that I think about it, maybe:

>  [ `readlink -f /usr/bin/updatedb` = /usr/bin/updatedb.findutils ] || exit 0

> (And the same for mlocate *and* slocate). How does it sound?

I am not sure I get what problem you are trying to solve. I think you
want to stop findutil's cron.daily from generating a locate
database if findutil's locate is installed but the alternative
/usr/bin/updatedb points to a different implementation.

Imho this problem is not one that needs to be solved, if multiple
locates are installed, multiple databases should be generated.
cu andreas
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