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Re: Mandatory support for -nocheck in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS

Neil Williams writes ("Re: Mandatory support for -nocheck in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS"):
> "Packages that run a test suite during the default build must support
> omitting the tests either upon detecting cross-compiling using
> dpkg-architecture or when -nocheck is specified in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS."

I support the idea of `notest' for other reasons but I don't think
it's what you want.

What you mean is that you don't want binaries generated at one point
being executed later during the build.  I think it would be better to
invent an option `cross' which covered this requirement.

`notest' might reasonably do both more and less than this.  If a
package contains only scripts, it might reasonably test them even for
an embedded build.  Likewise `cross' might ask a package to take some
kind of remedial action, for example reusing a pregenerated file
rather than building it afresh - which wouldn't make sense for


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