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Re: Consistent handling of the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS

> nocheck | notest should also be supported whether or not the package is
> actually being cross-built. emdebuild currently passes 'nocheck' as
> part of the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS for all Emdebian builds.

Imho this should be either nocheck or notest, supporting both is a bit
pointless. Using notest or nocheck is also pretty useful for debugging
purposes, if you don't need a lengthy test but want to have a new build

> As far as nodocs is concerned, it should be straightforward - no
> package documentation either in the arch dependent binaries or the
> -doc, -data or -common packages.

It would probably make things more easy if dh_install{docs,examples,man}
 would check for that, similar to dh_strip checking for nostrip. Don't
know if they do so already, at least the manpage doesn't mention it.

> package-includes-docs-without-supporting-nodocs
> and
> package-runs-make-check-without-supporting-nocheck

Not sure how lintian should check for this, nodocs could be handled in a
completely different file which is included/called/... somehow from



Bernd Zeimetz
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